Himalayan Wool

Our woollen products are made from a blend of Himalayan and imported merino wool. In the early days we used only imported Australian merino wool, though our intention was always to shift to local, Himalayan wool. Now we get free range wool procurred from Himachal Pradesh and Harsil areas in the Himalayas, and blend it with merino.  


Eri (ahimsa) Silk

Eri is the most eco friendly and humane silk as it is produced without killing the pupa (Philosamia ricini). The pupa is allowed to become a moth and fly away before the cocoons are hand spun to produce yarn. For this reason it is also called “Peace” silk and “Ahimsa” silk. The Eri silk we use is produced and spun in Assam.



Our pashmina products are made from pashmina procured from the Changthang region of Ladakh (4500 mts.), and Tibet. It is spun in Himachal Pradesh and hand woven into fine shawls, stoles and scarves in Uttarakhand.