Himalayan Weavers follows fair trade practices. For example, the salaries and wage rates paid by us are considerably higher than those prevalent in our area. For example, the women spinning wool for us receive Rs. 350 per kilogram while the government supported Khadi Board pays less than Rs. 150 per kilogram. Simlarly, the weavers receive Rs.170 per shawl while the going rate is about Rs. 90. We also practise a policy of equal pay for equal work irrespective of gender of the workers. 


We encourage people working with us to continue their education. This is particularly important in case of women employes, many of whom in our area drop out out of school after class VIII. We pay all the expenses related to their education and allow full pay leave for preparing and taking examinations. Supported by Himalayan Weavers, two of the women employs are now doing graduation.  


We also provide medical support to our staff by reimbursing the cost of hospital visits and medicines. We encourage weavers to work from home so that their other economic activities (such as farming) and social life are not affected.


We are also very concerned with reducing our energy and water consumption. We use only insulated containers to heat dye bath to save energy. The dye bath is reused a number of times to save water and reduce the amount of effluent produced. The small amount of effluent produced is used for irrigation fields within our premises in Masrana, on the way way to Dhanaulti from Mussoorie.