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Our shop in Masrana (Mussoorie) 


We make shawls, stoles and scarves, mostly with wool and eri-silk. All our products are hand-woven in villages around us.  Read more here

Natural Dyes

The yarn used for weaving our products is coloured only with natural dyes. We dye at near room temperature to conserve energy and re-use the dye bath a number of times to conserve water. We use madder, indigo, sappanwood, shellac, tea and myrobalan to get the colours. Read more here

Hand Spinning

Some of the yarn used by us for weaving is hand-spun by ladies in village Dunda near Uttarkashi in the Himalayas. The products made with this yarn are especially soft.


Yak Wool

For a number of years, we have been looking for a source of genuine yak wool to make shawls. But the "yak wool" available in the market is usually sheep wool blended with synthetics, so we did not make any. Last Christmas a friend introduced us to Tulku Konchok Nyingjey in Dehradun. Tulku Nyingjey is from Kargyam village in Ladakh where his family has a number of yaks. A few months ago we bought some yak wool from the family and it has been hand-spun by Mangna Devi in Dunda village near Uttarkashi. The yarn is extremely soft and is perfect for hand-woven shawls, which will be ready soon

About Us

Himalayan Weavers was set up by Patricia and Ghayur Alam in 2005.


Ghayur Alam has a Ph.D from the University of Manchester, UK, in technology policy. His interests include mountain agriculture, rural development and the use of environmentally friendly technologies.


Patricia Alam has been living in India since 1983. She taught Drama and English in the UK and the British School in New Delhi before settling in Masrana near Mussoorie in the Himalayas.

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